ENG I H - JLeavitt

English I is required for graduation. It is the first step in an integrated sequence of instruction in the language arts state standards. Students are expected to master foundational knowledge and skills in close reading, critical thinking, literary analysis, academic research, argumentation, and group debate.   Students will analyze a range of short and full-length selections, both expressive-descriptive and informative-expository. The research process and the formal essay will be introduced. Content will include classics and contemporary sources with a particular emphasis on appreciating how the human condition is changing in some ways while remaining the same in many others.    English I Honors is offered to students who are motivated to exceed the basic state standards in preparation for advanced academics and/or in order to add more contemplative and critical thinking skills to their intellectual toolbox. The value each student gains from this class is directly proportionate to the level of cognitive effort and constructive communication the student invests. Given the nature of an honors-level class, students must be prepared to have their thinking and assumptions challenged in a supportive and collegial, while rigorous, classroom environment. Students should be clear that the nature of an honors-level class implies expectations for spending additional time outside of class reading, thinking, researching, and writing.   Course Outcomes:     Effectively use written, verbal, body, and visual language for a variety of purposes and with a variety of audiences. Use technology to access, evaluate, and apply information effectively. Think critically, creatively, independently, and originally. Apply appropriate communication skills in a variety of situations: learn the importance of communicating in the right way, at the right time, to the right person. Learn and effectively apply a variety of reading strategies for comprehending, interpreting, and evaluating a wide range of literary and informational texts including both classic and contemporary works.
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